In order to implement the provisions outlined in Ministerial Decision ΥΠΕΝ/ΔΑΠΕΕΚ/15084/382 (ΦΕΚ Β΄759/05.03.2019), HEDNO, as a Non-Interconnected Islands (NII) Operator, would like to inform all interested parties that applications from self-producers who have entered net metering or virtual net mering, based on the new limits on power outlined by the above Ministerial Decision, as well as applications from Energy Communities who have entered virtual net metering will start on 22.07.2019.

Currently, HEDNO at the Non-Interconnected Islands receives and processes applications only for PV stations without storage systems. Applications for all other technologies, a combination of two technologies and energy storage will take place later and the date of opening will be released through a new Announcement.

Applications for PV stations connecting to the Low Voltage and Medium Voltage network at Non-Interconnected Islands, will be submitted to the competent Areas of HEDNO, upon completing all application forms and attaching all necessary documentation and details. New application forms and all relevant information regarding the updated legislative framework are published on HEDNO’s website, in the NII Operator section.

RES at the NII

Units in the Electric Systems of Crete and Rhodes (Rhodes and Chalke) with installed power over 100 kW and all other NIIs with installed power over 50 kW, are subject to the rules for integration and operation as outlined in the NII Code, article 206 and, as a result, these units are subject to restriction of the active power of exit based on the integration and operation rules of Chapters 44 to 47 of the NII Code. For this purpose, these generation units are obligated to support supervision and monitoring equipment as per requirements of the NII Operator.

More specifically, in the case of the virtual net metering from Energy Communities, the Supplier informs the NII Operator for any energy surplus - after reduction, if necessary- of the generation unit or the consumption metering in the following cases:

a) at the next measurement of generated energy after the completion of three years since the start date of the Virtual Net Metering Agreement for Energy Communities (SEESEK)

b) every three years following a) and during the period agreed on the SEESEK

c) at termination or expiration of the SEESEK

in order to credit the Special Account of Article 143 of L.4001/2011, in accordance with Article 11 of Ministerial Decision ΥΠΕΝ/ΔΑΠΕΕΚ/15084/382/19.2.2019 (ΦΕΚ Β’ 759/5.3.2019).