Sustainable Development has been the main pillar of HEDNO’s strategic corporate social responsibility since the start of its operation. Thanks to the Company’s central role in the Greek energy market, shaping a culture around human life and the environment is imperative and necessary.

The objective of HEDNO’s operational planning is to modernize it through the digitalization of its entire operational spectrum and integrate actions and practices which are fully harmonized with the goals of Sustainable Development.

HEDNO manages networks which are strategic infrastructures of crucial importance not only for the country’s economy and Greek society, but also for the growth of the electricity market within the scope of national and European standards which have been set to tackle climate change.

HEDNO has an active role to play in the transformation of the Greek energy market into a market based on active consumers and new, eco-friendly technologies while also successfully implementing all objectives of the National Energy and Climate Plan for the next decade. In this context, the Company has undertaken a series of actions such as the implementation of upgrading and extension works for the efficient introduction of RES in the system, the introduction of energy store systems, the optimization of operations for the interconnected system and Non-Interconnected Islands and the digitalization of systems for the application of the new market structure and advanced options for the consumers, such as smart meters.

The above enhance the quality of electricity energy and improve the SAIDI (System Average Interruption Duration Index) and SAIFI (System Average Interruption Frequency Index) Indexes.

In parallel with up-to-date practices, the Company always strives to improve Network safety to ensure safety for all workers and citizens.

All investments carried out for specific purposes shall also allow for the improvement of the services provided to all citizens with an up-to-date customer support system and the more efficient utilization of energy, while investments targeted to Smart Networks shall allow for a larger and more efficient penetration of Renewable Energy Sources while helping with the reduction of air pollution and the subsequent improvement of life quality. More cost-efficient and cleaner energy shall result from the upgrading of the Hellenic Network implemented by HEDNO.

HEDNO’s operational planning and its strategic projects shall drive zero carbon economy and help meet climate goals which have been set at a national and European level.

HEDNO’s active support to Electromobility shall contribute to the decrease of CO2 emissions in the transportation sector with positive results for health, the environment and economy.

The goal of HEDNO’s Sustainable Development Policy is to harmonize the whole Group with common practices and policies.

The UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 provide guidance for our Company to ensure that its economic, social and environmental contribution is maximized.

Meeting these goals is a major challenge for us as well as a serious opportunity to implement initiatives and investments that will help towards the development of sustainability in Greece.