April 13, 2016

Following communications dated 5.6.2015 and 10.6.2015 on the invalidation of pending requests of PV systems participating in the Special Program and the automatic termination of Contracts of Connection with the PV Station Network, HEDNO, the Non-Interconnected Islands Operator, with regard to the licensing progress for the island of Crete hereby notifies the interested parties of the following:

1. The approved PV capacity margin of power currently in place on the island of Crete is 102,042 KW, whereas the total capacity of the operating PV amounts to 95,469.72 ΚW, the committed capacity of the licensable PV and the PV to-be-licensed amount to 1,937.25 KW, and there is also a reserve capacity margin equal to 4,635.03 KW to be used for request fulfillment purposes.

2. Requests submitted in the regions of Heraklion, Chania, Rethymnon and Agios Nikolaos, and posted on the 6.5.2015 respective Tables on HEDNO website, Non-Interconnected Islands issues link, have been consolidated in a the single 'Table 1'covering the entire island of Crete, based on the date of submission of the request, and updated following HEDNO's actions, the Non-Interconnected Islands Operator, to release old requests.

3. As to the Table previously posted on the Internet dated 6.5.2015 regarding 709 pending requests for PV systems participating in the Special Program in Crete of a total capacity of 6,399.10 KW, please be informed that 610 requests that would cover a total capacity of 5,505.41 KW have been invalidated due to lack of interest by investors.

4. For the remaining 99 pending requests for PV in roofs of a total capacity of 893.69 KW, as per Table 2, the relevant Terms of Connection Offers shall be issued by the respective Regions in Crete; then, HEDNO, the Non-Interconnected Islands Operator, shall submit its bids per Terms of Connection Offers for new net metering requests on the island of Crete, as per Table 3. Offers shall be granted by order of priority of the request for the reserve capacity margin in Crete, amounting to a total of 3,741.34 KW.

5. Self-producers applying net metering and interested to participate may request information regarding the progress of their request from the respective Regions in Crete, as per Communication of 7.5.2015 issued by HEDNO, the Non-Interconnected Islands Operator.