17th of April 2014

1. With the application of the L. 4254/2014 (Greek Government Gazette 85/Α/07.04.2014) and according to the paragraph 1 of subparagraph ΙΓ.3., paragraph ΙΓ and within two (2) months from the beginning of law application, RES producers, apart from the cases that are integrated into the “Special programme for the development of PV systems in buildings and specially in shelters and building roofs”, can proceed to the issuance and delivery of the Credit Note based on the Special Memo issued by HEDNO for the non-interconnected Islands.

2. In application of the law, HEDNO, as non-Interconnected Islands Operator sends today, 17.4.2014, to all Producers in the non-Interconnected Islands, special informative memo for the issuance of Credit Notes for the year 2013 according to the legislative regulations.

3. RES Producers, after the receipt of the Special Informative Memo from the Non-Interconnected Islands Operator, should issue Credit Notes for the year 2013 and send them by mail at the address of HEDNO’s Financial Department, 49, Syggrou Ave., Postal Code 11743, Athens.