Announcement related to the application of the elements foreseen by the L.4152/2013, as it is in force, for the guarantee of RES & HIGH Performance CHP with Final Connection Offers before 01.01.2015 
                                                                                                                                             8th of April 2015

Following HEDNO’s Announcement dated on 19.12.2014, as non-Interconnected islands Network Operator, referring to the application of regulations of L.4152/2013 on the guarantee for RES & HIGH Performance CHP, HEDNO, as non-Interconnected Islands Operator, announces the table with projects of its competence for which the Final Connection Offers issued before 01.01.2015 cease to be valid as of right, due to non-fulfillment of the elements foreseen by L.4152/2013 as it is in force, or due to non-submission of the relevant letter of guarantee by the bodies of these projects.