HEDNO S.A. (hereinafter, “Company”) would like welcome you to its official website https://deddie.gr (hereinafter “website”) which belongs to the Company and features information about the Company and the services it provides. Both the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Management Policy of the Company include additional information on our policies. Please read these documents carefully.

The use of our website entails express and unconditional acceptance of these Terms of Use by the user, which apply for the entire content of our website.

It is possible for the Terms of Use to be renewed and changed by the Company, in full or in part, when necessary, for the better provision of information to the user and the compliance with the applicable legislation, always in good faith and as part of the fair trade ethos, and the user shall always be checking for possible changes. After the publication of these changes, the continuation of the use of the website by the user means that the user unconditionally accepts these changes.

2. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

2.1. The purpose of the website is to provide information and services for the visitors/users of the website. Our website contains text, images and videos, photographs, logos, audio files (hereinafter referred to as “content”). The website content - without any restrictions thereof, unless otherwise stated for specific third-party rights, is the intellectual and industrial property of the Company and, as a result, it is protected by the respective provisions of the Greek, EU and international legislation. For any use of the content of the website, excluding purely private use, a prior written consent by the Company is required. Prior written consent is also required for any changes, alterations, translations and any other processing of the content of the website as well as any other transmissions or sharing thereof.

2.2. Subject to any provisions to the contrary in these Terms of Use, the Company provides to the users restricted access and website use permission, according to which the user can use the content solely for personal, non-commercial purposes. No right is granted for the commercial use of the website or its content. Non-compliance with these Terms, means the automatic and without prior notification termination of this permission for use, which means that the Company has the right to obstruct the access of the user.

2.3. All the names of the services that may be mentioned on our website are trademarks of the Company, its subsidiaries or its partners and subsidiaries.

2.4. Copying, reproducing, changing in any way, in part or in full, the entire content of our website without the prior written consent of the Company is illegal.

2.5. Unless otherwise stated, copying for commercial purposes, amending or reproducing in part or in full the entire content of our website in any form, which is based on the website or/and its content, or the incorporation to other websites of the electronic recovery, is prohibited. No link included on our website can be contained in any other website without the prior written consent of the Company.

3. Legal Disclaimer

3.1. The Company shall have no responsibility towards any person or for any direct, indirect, or actual or consequential damages, including damages due to moral damage, that are relating to or arising from this website or any use thereof or any other website or source to which there is an interconnection, reference or access from the present website or for the use, downloading or access to any material, information or services, including but not limited to, any lost profit, loss of programs or other data, even if the Company has been expressly informed about the possibility of such damages.

3.2. The Company controls and collects information that are contained in the website with all due diligence and acts appropriately for the good operation of its website, without however being in a position to guarantee that its operation will be continuous or without any errors or other types of technical problems and that the results that will be coming from its use will be reliable, precise and without errors. The users of the website of the Company do not have the right to claim any compensation for damages that may arise from the lack of the ability to use the website, as well as any other errors, disconnections, defects or delays in the operation thereof or the transmission via this website of information to the network.

3.3. The information and the content of the website of the Company do not constitute in any case, directly or indirectly, a prompt, advice or encouragement to carry out any type of action. The use of the information received or stored from or via the website is solely subject to the judgment and falls under the responsibility of the user. The user accepts that they can review the content and that they are responsible for any risks that the use of any content may cause.

4. Liability - User declaration

4.1. The use of the website by the users shall be carried out in the framework set by the law, good faith and fair trade and shall be carried out in such a way so that it does not restrict or prevent its use by third parties. The users of the website shall comply with the rules and the provisions of the Greek, EU and international law and abstain from any illegal and abusive behavior that may be having impact on other users and cause damages/malfunction of the website. The user agrees to use the website in accordance with these Terms. In case of illegal behavior or behavior against these Terms and the applicable legislative framework, the user is obligated to compensate the Company for any damage it may go through due the above-mentioned actions.

4.2. The user of the website declares responsibly that they are not going to use the Company’s web pages for sending, publishing or transmitting or distributing with other means content that may be illegal, threatening, disturbing, indecent or content that may be expressing malice, racial or other discriminationσ, or content that infringes any patent, trademark, intellectual rights or other third-party property rights or content that be containing software viruses or any other codes, files or programs that have been designed with the purpose of causing damages, destroying or preventing the operation of any desktop software or hardware, purposefully or inadvertently and generally breaching the applicable Greek or EC legislation. For any damages that may be caused to the Company by the above-described bad or unfair use of the respective services by the visitor/user, the user bears sole responsibility.

5. Information provided by third parties - Connection to third-party websites

5.1. Any information coming from third parties are representing the personal opinion of these parties. The Company has no liability with respect to these types of information.

5.2. This website may be referring to hyperlinks to other websites, which belong to third parties and, as a result, are not subject to the management of the Company, nor can they be accessed by the Company in order for it to interfere with their content. The providers of these external websites have the sole civil and criminal liability for the safety and the validity of the content and the information contained thereof. The Company does not guarantee their availability and has no liability with respect to the content, the accuracy, the legitimacy, the completeness and precision of the information nor the quality and the properties of the products or services that are made available by third-party websites. The connection of the users to these external websites is taking place at their own responsibility and in any case, the users shall be directly contacting the providers of these websites for any issues that may be arising from visiting and using these sites.

6. Applicable law - Jurisdiction

6.1. These Terms of Use are governed by the laws of the Greek state,

6.2. The Courts of Athens shall have exclusive jurisdiction for the resolution of any disputes that may arise as part of the application of or due to these present terms.

7. Contact

For any clarifications and information with respect to the use of the website as well as any further information or inquiries, the users may contact HEDNO by e-mail to: infodeddie@deddie.gr or by filling in the contact form which is available on our website.

8. Other provisions

8.1. Any omission or delay by the Company to exercise its legal or contractual rights that arise from these terms of use cannot be interpreted in any way as a waiving of these rights nor can it mean that these rights are weakened.

8.2. The above-mentioned terms are changed only with recent written amendment by the Company which is posted on the website and amendments enter into force after their publication.

8.3. The invalidity or annulment of these Terms of Use does not affect in any way the validity of the other terms.