After the Law 4203/2013 (Greek Government Gazette 235/Α/01.11.2013) is set into force, it is announced that from 15/01/2014 the interested parties for the installation of small-scale wind plants with capacity up to 50 kW (which are exempted from the obligation of generation permit) can submit application forms with the necessary documents for the provision of Connection Offer to HEDNO’s Islands Network Operation Department 29, Halkokondyli str., ATHENS during working days from 9.00 a.m. until 15.00 p.m.

2. Based on RAE’s Decision no 2237/2010, the available limits of installation capacity for small wind generators per autonomous island system are mentioned in the attached Table Ι.
The same Table includes the maximum capacity per plant for which an application form can be submitted in the equivalent island system.

3. The interested parties must fill in the attached Application Form and submit it along with the required documents, as mentioned in the Form.
All documents are submitted in three copies.

The submission of the application forms with the equivalent folders for the connection of small-scale wind plants must be submitted only to the above mentioned HEDNO’s Department (not by mail nor by courier etc.).
The person who visits the Services will be able to submit up to two (2) requests at a time keeping strictly the time of arrival.

4. The application forms in question will be checked firstly as far as their completeness is concerned and provided that they are complete, they will receive a protocol number and will be registered in order of priority in a separate file including requests for small-scale wind plants per island system.
If the folder submitted contains insufficient documents, the request will not be accepted (it will not receive a protocol number).

5. According to paragraph 5 of article 4 of L.4203/2013, more than two (2) requests for connection offer per natural or legal person or body will not be satisfied, if the same natural or legal person participates with a percentage of more than 50% in its shareholder or corporate structure.
Also, requests for plants cannot be satisfied if the development of new medium voltage network with length of more than one thousand (1,000) meters in a straight line distance is required for their connection.
6. The installation of one plant per independent property is allowed (independent properties are considered the fields for which separate ownership title is submitted or they are mentioned as such in the same title and they are not resulted from segmentation through lease or sale of its parts realized after the in force of the L.3468/2006).
Multiple application forms will not be accepted for adjacent properties submitted under the form of apparently similar or alternating company forms with segmentation of the total capacity in separate plants. Separate application forms for adjacent properties of different ownership can be accepted subject to verification for non-correlation of the applicants during the evaluation stage so as the Connection Offer to be issued.

7. Change of installation site (without prejudice to the elements mentioned in article 3 of L. 4203/2013) or capacity increase of the submitted request is equivalent to new request (submission of new application form along with the relevant documents).
Changes in the in force application form are accepted only in cases of data changes of applicant’s statutes with the same TIN (according to article 2 paragraph 12 of L.3851/2010) or reduction of plants capacity with the obligation of written notification for the elements to be changed, as well as changes of the manufacturer type or equipment with submission of the required elements.

8. Until the issuance of the Ministerial Decision foreseen in paragraph 1 of article 4 of L.4203/2013 (Special Program for the development of small wind generators), no connection offers will be granted.

9. After the issuance of the above mentioned Decision, the applications forms submitted will be assessed according to their priority order.

For the procedure that will be followed, there will be future Announcement that will be released by HEDNO’s Islands Network Operation Department according to the framework defined by the Ministerial Decision in question.
The connection offers will be granted until the coverage of the available limit for capacity absorbance for each island group.

If it is concluded that following the documents check, there are significant elements of the project that are incorrect or inaccurate with the applicant’s responsibility, the request will not be forwarded for further investigation and the folder will be returned to the interested party along with the relevant documentation.