HEDNO’s Announcement as Non-Interconnected Islands Operator about the reconfirmation of expression of interest on the provision of Connection Offer for PVs in the Non-Interconnected Islands for which there was a suspension in the provision of connection offers. 
                                                                                                                             17th of April 2014

1. With the application of L. 4254/2014 (GREEK GOVERNMENT GAZETTE 85/Α/07.04.2014) and according to paragraph 7 of subparagraph ΙΓ.8. of paragraph ΙΓ (Regulations under the competence of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change), the Ministerial Decision was suspended with protocol number Υ.Α.Π.Ε./Φ1/2300/οικ.16932/09.08.2012 “Suspension of the procedure for granting permits and provision of connection offers for PVs due to coverage of the goals defined by the Decision Α.Υ./Φ1/οικ.19598/01.10.2010 of the Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change», with which the procedure for granting permits and provision of connection offers for PVs was suspended apart from the ones integrated into the Special Programme on buildings.

2. Based on the above regulation, the interested parties, that had submitted requests to HEDNO’s competent services for connection offers referring to PVs (apart from the Special Programme) for which the suspension for the provision of connection offers was in force and remain pending without being withdrawn in the meantime by the interested parties, are given the possibility to confirm in writing their interest within the strict deadline of two (2) months from the date from which the L.4254/2014 (07.04.2014) is set into force , that is until 07.06.2014.

3. Following the elements mentioned above, the interested parties with submitted requests for PVs in the non-Interconnected Islands, integrated in the above mentioned category, provided that they are interested and the body of the application still legally exists, they are invited to confirm in writing their interest to HEDNO’s competent services until the deadline defined by the law, so as the relevant requests to be considered as valid.
If the above mentioned deadline is passed inactive, the relevant applications are put definitively in the archive.

4. It is obvious that this possibility is not provided to interested parties to which a binding connection offer was provided and expired without the conclusion of Connection Contract and the relevant electricity area had been reserved and the request has already been put in the archive.