We would like to inform you that HEDNO, as the Non-Interconnected Islands (NII) operator, published on 19/05/2023 the Notes on Billing of the RES Producers who are operating on the NIIs for the billing period of April 2023.

Please note that from the April 2023 production clearance, HEDNO will implement the SELF-BILLING EXCUSIVELY AND FULLY FOR ALL PRODUCERS, following the voting of article 153 of Law 5037/2023.
As a result, all invoices shall be EXCLUSIVELY issued by HEDNO and sent to the producers by email.

Owners of RES and CHP stations shall no longer issue electricity sales invoices. Any accidentally issued invoices, will be canceled.

The Notes are available online at the RES & CHP Online Clearance Notes System.  To access the app please visit https://apps.deddie.gr/ApeInvoicesInfo/intro.html, or click on HEDNO’s website shortcut for Non-Interconnected Islands issues “Entry into the RES Producers App”.