15 May 2024

Pursuant to Article 110, paragraph 11, of Law 5106/2024, interested parties are informed that as of the entry into force of the above law, the Network Operator continues to accept new connection applications for the development of RES stations under Article 14A of Law 3468/2006, exclusively for RES stations:

  • under the “Rooftop Photovoltaics” Program. New connection applications for stations under the above program will be open until 15 May 2024, which is the date that has been set as the deadline for submitting grant applications in accordance with Article 12 under decision ΥΠΕΝ/ΔΑΠΕΕΚ/36988/970/08.04.2024 (GG 2173/Β/ 08.04.2024);
  • with a validity of up to thirty (30) Kw, as developed by farmers registered in the Register of Farmers and Agricultural Holdings of Law 3874/2010 (A' 151) for agricultural holdings of Law 3874/2010 and agricultural uses;
  • by General Government bodies, as defined in paragraph b of par. 1 of Article 14 of Law 4270/2014 (A' 143);
  • developed exclusively to meet the energy requirements of citizens living below the poverty line and households affected by energy poverty, in accordance with decision ΥΠΕΝ/ΓΔΕ/89335/5599/27.9.2021 of the Minister of Environment and Energy (B΄ 4447), as currently in force.