5th of June 2015

Given the fact that, at present, there is a remarkable number of signed Network Connection Offers for those that are exempted from acquiring permit for RES plants that reserve electricity space, whereas, on the one hand, the effective duration of the equivalent connection offers has expired and on the other hand, these plants has not been installed and has not been set in operation,

HEDNO, in accordance with the elements foreseen by L.4152/2013 (Paragraph Ι’ Subparagraph Ι.1 section 2 and Subparagraph Ι.5 section 3) will consider the Connection Contracts mentioned above as automatically terminated and will send the relevant requests to the archives with release of the capacity reservation in the Network provided that the interested parties will not submit complete folder of readiness for activation within certain deadline.

The contracting parties mentioned above will be also notified accordingly with personal letters and a deadline period of one (1) month will be provided for the submission of a readiness statement.

This procedure will be applied to the whole territory.