5th of June 2015

HEDNO, as non-Interconnected Islands Network Operator, referring to further management of pending requests for photovoltaic systems (PVs) of the Special Programme on buildings in the non-Interconnected Islands, informs the interested parties for the following:

Due to the coverage of the capacity margins for PV stations during the submission period, a remarkable number of requests for PVs for the Special Programme on buildings is pending for examination in certain non-Interconnected Islands electricity systems.

Given the fact that most of these requests go back to more than two years, while the relevant legislative framework has been radically changed concerning the generated energy remuneration, it is considered necessary for the re-expression of interest by those who had initially submitted requests and who wish to proceed to the installation of such systems.

It is considered as advisable, due to the registered expression of interest for PV systems installation with net metering for which the requests are subsequent and the capacity of which is taken into account in the same available capacity margin per electricity system of the non-Interconnected Islands. It is not considered reasonable the examination of these requests to be slowed down by the elaboration process of many earlier requests without the perspective of implementation.

For this purpose, the competent HEDNO’s local units will send letters to the applicants of PVs for the Special Programme on roofs; a deadline period of one (1) month will be provided for possible reconfirmation of the relevant expression of interest, otherwise the equivalent requests will be sent to the archives