The assurance of occupational Health and Safety is a basic and strategic choice for HEDNO which is approached systematically and exceeds the obligations prescribed by the national, EU and international law. The Company’s top priority is to achieve the goal for “zero accidents” for employees at HEDNO as well as partners and third parties in general.

    We aim to achieve zero accidents.

By recognizing the special, among others, social dimension of accidents, HEDNO adopts this Health and Safety policy. Through the implementation of this policy, HEDNO aims at:

  • Zero tolerance in any failure to record Health and Safety incidents and minimization of such omissions to ensure prevention of health and safety risks. This is achieved by performing all tasks at the desired quality level with zero accidents, injuries or equipment, facilities and environmental damages.
  • Minimization of the impacts of identified risks with the implementation of preventive systems and measures for their control and the protection of the employees, partners, visitors, the facilities as well as the environment.
  • Continuous control and monitoring for the identification of potential risks in the activities of HEDNO and the immediate implementation of measures for their elimination or minimization.
  • Continuous improvement of the Health and Safety of the employees at HEDNO, as well as its partners and all other parties involved.

By meeting the above conditions, HEDNO aims at eliminating, to a reasonable extent, all potential risks and/or hazardous situations that may cause damage to human and environmental health.

    We intensify our efforts for a safer working environment.

 To achieve the above goals, and by taking into consideration the quality, operational, working, economic, environmental and energy requirements, the technical selections and the opinions of the interested parties, HEDNO commits to the following:

  • The self-evident fulfillment of the legal and other requirements with respect to Occupational Health & Safety that apply in the area of its activities.
  • The provision and maintenance for a healthy, appropriate and safe working environment for the employees and all parties who are affected by its activities and operation (customers, visitors, suppliers, contractors, partners, neighboring facilities, the environment etc.)
  • The integration of Health and Safety as a key component across the range of its activities as well as its corporate culture.
  • The continuous monitoring, documentation and assessment of Health and Safety and the review of this Safety Policy to ensure that the level of safety is constantly upgraded.
  • The appropriate and efficient provision of information, awareness and training of the employees on Health and Safety, through specialized seminars and suitable working instructions/procedures to help cultivate a culture on the basis of which all injuries and diseases at work can and must be prevented.
  • Zero tolerance in any failure to record Health and Safety incidents.

 From “I” to “we”

The Company commits to expand occupational Health and Safety management at all levels of the company and expects that all employees, partners and third parties associated with the activities of HEDNO will undertake their share of responsibility and will make every reasonable effort to meet their obligations, in the context of the Company’s commitment, and to contribute to the implementation of this Policy.

This policy has been approved by the Administration and is appropriately updated if any changes apply in the Company’s framework of operation.