HEDNO’s Announcement, as Non-Interconnected Islands Network Operator on the launch of an IT System for the reception of Electronic Statements for the Integration into the Category of RES plants using state aid or into the Category of RES Plants not using state aid according to the regulations of L.4254/2014, subparagraphs ΙΓ.1 and ΙΓ.2 
                                                                                                                     31st of July 2014

With the application of the L. 4254/2014 (GREEK GOVERNMENT GAZETTE 85/Α/07.04.2014) and according to subparagraph ΙΓ.2. of paragraph ΙΓ, HEDNO has a deadline until the 1st of August 2014 that is defined by the Law for Power Purchase Contracts in the non-Interconnected Islands, so as to implement the appropriate IT system for the reception of RES producers’ electronic statements for their integration into the categories of RES Plants using state aid or RES Plants not using state aid, as defined in the subparagraphs ΙΓ.1 & ΙΓ.2 of L.4254/2014.

Applying the Law, HEDNO, as non-Interconnected Islands Network Operator, announces the launch of the above mentioned IT system that will be set in operation from Friday 1.8.2014, at HEDNO’s website, in the issues of the non-Interconnected Islands Network Operator.

Producers must submit their electronic statements until Thursday 14th of August 2014, so as the corrected prices depending on each case to be included in the clearance of August 2014. Otherwise, the corrected prices depending on each case will be applied on the following monthly clearances according to the deadlines defined by the L.4254/2014.