HEDNO’s Announcement, as non-Interconnected Islands Network Operator, on the opening of the non-Interconnected Islands Market for the electricity systems in Crete and Rhodes within the framework of the non-Interconnected Islands Code (Greek Government Gazette 304/Β/11.02.2014)
                                                                                                                               4th of September 2015

Following HEDNO’s Announcement on 23.07.2015, as non-Interconnected Islands Network Operator, concerning the opening of the Market for the Electricity Systems of Crete and Rhodes in the non-Interconnected Islands from 01.09.2015, the following are acknowledged to the interested parties:

After the decision of RAE’s plenary session on 03.09.2015, the Methodologies for Estimation of Consumption Energy, Charge Energy, Percentage Representation of the Load Representatives and Calculation of Load Representatives Guarantees in the non-Interconnected Islands submitted by the Non-Interconnected Islands Network Operator for the transitional stage of the non-Interconnected Islands Code application are available for public consultation. Based on RAE’s relative letter on 04.09.2015 to HEDNO, it is considered that the above mentioned methodologies are prerequisite for the initiation of Load Representatives’ activities in the non-Interconnected Islands Market and that the non-Interconnected Islands Network Operator should wait for RAE’s approval referring to the above mentioned Methodologies before allowing these activities.

Based on the above, the non-Interconnected Islands Network Operator will continue to receive Application forms for the Registration of New Load Representatives according to relevant HEDNO’s Announcement on 23.7.2015, but the acknowledgment of the Amount of Guarantees, based on the Initial Statement of Registered Meters Representation in their folder and their registration in the “Load Representatives Registry” for the initiation of their activities in the specific electricity systems of the non-Interconnected Islands will be implemented after relevant RAE’s Decision.