14 November 2022


As per paragraph 9 of article 54 of L. 4951/2022, excluded in-service RES and CHP station owners have to send to HEDNO (as a Non-Interconnected Islands (NIIs) Operator) an Excluded RES Station Polygon Registration Certificate until 31.03.2023 following extension of the original deadline (30.11.2022), as per article 67 of L. 4986/2022.

Please note that failure to submit this Certificate will result in suspension of compensations or operating funds as part of the respective agreements with HEDNO S.A. on NIIs.

The Excluded RES Station Polygon Registration Certificate, as per the respective procedure of paragraph 9 of article 54 of Law 4951/2022, is granted upon the submission of applications at Online Registry of Electricity Producer Certificates of the Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE), as Licensing Body for Phase A RES and stations, on the basis of paragraph 2 of article 20 of L. 4685/2020. Applications for all Excluded RES and CHP stations shall be submitted on RAE’s Online Registry, as specified with its announcement dated 18.10.2022.

The excluded station certificate will be sent by email to kl.papaioannou@deddie.gr, with the respective RES_NII Station code reference and the “Excluded RES Station Polygon Registration Certificate” subject line.