15th of January 2015

We would like to inform you that HEDNO, as non-Interconnected Islands Network Operator, will send by e-mail on 15.1.2015 the informative billing notices for December 2014 to all RES Producers that are activating in the non-Interconnected Islands.
It is pointed out that invoices will have to be submitted to HEDNO’s Financial Department until 20/01/2015 at the latest with issuing date 31/12/2014 due to the end of the fiscal year. In case which the invoices will not be submitted until 20/01/2015, HEDNO will proceed to the foreseen issuance of purchase invoices that will be sent to the tax office to which each Producer pertains. If invoices will be submitted after 20/01/2015, they will be returned to the Producers.