HEDNO's operational planning incorporates Strategic Projects that constitute both the main pillar and the catalyst for its modernization at the same time providing a glimpse into our Company's future. These Projects are part of HEDNO's Transformation Plan into a modernized Network Operator company that will be using digitalized operations and new tools for Network Distribution design and deployment across the mainland and Non-Interconnected Islands. The key conditions, thus, for the introduction of Greece to the new era of Smart Grids, based on which new service and product markets can be developed in an always changing electricity market, are established. The electricity sector has entered a period of radical changes, both technologically as well as in terms of business, at an international level and HEDNO aims at developing the necessary infrastructure with the maximum possible benefit for the economy, society and the environment.

The Strategic Projects cover a wide range of modernization activities, such as Smart Grids, Remote Reading (Telemetric) of Consumption, Remote Services for customers and automation for many internal operations, always seeking the new trends in the electricity sector.

The expected benefits from the implementation of the Strategic Projects, in conjunction with the fixed targets of the Company, are related to the improvement of the quality of energy and services provided for the customers with a simultaneous decrease in the operation cost of the Company, the improvement in the work conditions for its personnel, the more efficient operation of the electricity market and the protection of the environment through the increase of the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) penetration.


The 12 Strategic Projects