As the NII Operator, HEDNO would like to announce the launch of the above system, which will take place on Friday 19.03.2021, on

The “Online Invoice Notification System for RES & CHP” App will allow RES Producers to download their monthly invoice Statements for their stations:

In order to enter the app, RES Producers must register on HEDNO’s online services as per the instructions provided in the above link.

Invoice notifications for February 2021 are available in the app and will also be sent to the Producers by email as per the standard procedure. The app will also include the monthly statements for the period 01.01.2019-today which were sent to the Producers by email.

Please note that the NII Operator will continue with sending the Statements by email for the next three invoicing periods, up until the May 2021 invoicing. From June 2021 and onwards, the statements will be available online only.

Please make sure that you register on the system as soon as possible as per the instructions provided to avoid any problems.

*You can access the system through the Internet Explorer και Google Chrome browsers.