December 14, 2016

Following RAE decisions Nos. 46/2016, 47/2016 and 238/2016 therein approving the necessary methodologies for the operation of the NII market and enforcing para. 5 of Article 24 in L.4414/2016 (by which Article 137Α was added to L.4001/2011), HEDNO, NII Operator, informs the NII Load Representatives interested in participating in the NII market that the Market of the electrical system of the island of Rhodes will open on the first working day following 01.01.2017 as follows:

Given there is a NII Load Representative Participation (Supplier) Contract, the procedure giving effect to such contract as well as the launching of business of said Load Representative at the electrical system of the island of Rhodes will be as follows:

1. Submission of Registration application of the new Load Representative to NII Operator (Islands Network Operation Department - INOD, 98 -100, Syggrou Ave. Athens, 117 41), signed by the legal representative of the applicant, to be entered into the NII Load Representative Registry. The application should come with the complete dossier which should include the following:

1.1. All supporting documents for the entry into the NII Load Representative Registry as per Article 23, para. 3 of NII Code (documents making up the application).

1.2. Initial Declaration for Representation of Registered Meters, based on the Registry kept by the NII Operator for the electrical system of the island of Rhodes together with the details of each power supply point (9-digit number of supply point to be entered into a .txt file and No. of supply point/customer name/voltage at point of connection/Reg. Unit) in an excel file.
Said declaration should be submitted electronically at  or .

2. NII Operator shall check the completeness of the dossier and notify the New Load Representative of any missing details and/or required corrections.
Date of confirmation of completeness of the dossier shall be considered the date of submission of the latest document meeting the completeness requirements, to the NII Operator by the Load Representative.

3. Within three (3) working days from such date of completeness, NII Operate shall notify Load Representative of the required Guarantee Amount. Load Representative must pay the notified Guarantee Amount calculated based on the Initial Declaration of Representation of Registered Meters enclosed in Load Representative's dossier.
Under the provisions in NII Code, in order for the Load Representative to pay the Guarantee Amount, he may present either a Letter of Guarantee (see attached template form) or copy of bank deposit receipt upon transferring the corresponding amount to the NII Operator's guarantee bank account, to the Islands Network Operation Department (INOD) – 98 -100, Syggrou Ave., Athens 117 41).
In the case of a Letter of Guarantee, this should be accompanied by Attestation by the issuing Bank addressed to the INOD wherein authentication of such Letter of Guarantee would be ascertained.

4. The amount corresponding to the Fixed-Charge Coverage Ratio (Article 16 of NII Code) shall not be payable, until further notice of such procedure being established.

5. Within five (5) days from delivery of the Letter of Guarantee or deposit of the amount of guarantee into the NII Operator's Guarantee Bank Account, NII Operator shall enter the NII Load Representative into the NII Load Representative Registry and issue an Attestation of Registration for the Participation Contract to enter into effect and subsequent launching of activity in the electrical system of the island of Rhodes, as per the Initial Declaration for Representation of Registered Meters of the New Load Representative.
NII Operator shall provide the New Load Representative with Passwords to be used in the existing THALES information system, if not already assigned during a previous such activity in the Energy Market.
Access rights to the New Load Representative via THALES information system for the purpose of entering the Declaration for Representation of Registered Meters, under this procedure, shall only be assigned for use with the electrical system of the island of Rhodes.

6. Upon completion of the above procedure, the New Load Representative shall enter the Represented Meters of the electrical system of the island of Rhodes into the THALES information system, as such Meters are listed in the Initial Declaration and shall there on be deemed as Load Representative and signatory of an Effective NII Participation Contract.

Said procedure is already available on the Internet for information purposes, and can be found at HEDNO website at  under: "Procedure giving effect to NII Load Representative Participation Contracts"