We would like to inform you that HEDNO, as the Non-Interconnected Islands (NII) operator, published, on 23/01/2023, the Notes on Billing of the RES Producers who are operating at the NIIs for the billing period of December 2022.

The Notes are available online at the RES & CHP Online Clearance Notes System.  To access the app, please visit https://apps.deddie.gr/ApeInvoicesInfo/intro.html or by visiting HEDNO's website page on Non-Interconnected Islands issues by selecting “Entry into the RES Producers App”.

Moreover, the Clearance Notes for PV Stations under article 48 of Law 4951/2022 “Upgrading energy equipment for PV Stations”. PV Stations whose annual 2022 production presented a significant rise by at least 5% on the maximum annual production of the first five (5) years of operation of the Station, are compensated for the part of energy which corresponds to the significant increase with the Annual Special Market Price of sec. d of par. 1 of article 48 of the respective Law, as this was estimated by DAPEEP.

Please note that according to par. 5 of article 48 of Law 4951/2022, PV Station producers can submit an application to the NII Operator until 23/3/2023 for conducting an inspection to prove that the production equipment of their Station has not been upgraded. If it is demonstrated that the Station has not been upgraded in terms of energy, the NII Operator will compensate the Station with the Reference Price specified in their agreement and will return the clearance amounts that were offset under par. 4 of article 48 of Law 4951/2022.