We would like to inform you that HEDNO, as the Non Interconnected Islands (NII) operator, published, on 17/12/2021, the Notes on Billing of the RES Producers who are operating on the NIIs for the billing period of November 2021.

The Notes are available online at the RES & CHP Online Clearance Notes System.   You can access the app through https://apps.deddie.gr/ApeInvoicesInfo/intro.html, or through a shortcut on HEDNO’s website at the Non-Interconnected Islands section by selecting “Entry into the RES Producers App”.

Following the 22.10.2021 Communication by HEDNO and in view of the Designated Day for the completion of Phase A of the electricity connection at Crete, we would like to remind you that from 01.11.2021 and onwards, the billing for the RES Stations at the Crete MSS, shall be carried out by RESGOO.