We would like to inform you that HEDNO, as the Non Interconnected Islands (NII) operator, published, on 18/11/2021, the Notes on Billing of the RES Producers who are operating on the NIIs for the billing period of October 2021.

The Notes are available online at the RES & CHP Online Clearance Notes System.   You can access the app through https://apps.deddie.gr/ApeInvoicesInfo/intro.html, or through a shortcut on HEDNO’s website at the Non-Interconnected Islands section by selecting “Entry into the RES Producers App”.

Following the 22.10.2021 Communicationby HEDNO and in view of the Designated Day for the completion of Phase A of the electricity connection at Crete, https://www.deddie.gr/el/kentro-enhmerwsis/nea-anakoinwseis/mdn-dili-mera/,we would like to remind you that from 01.11.2021 and onwards, the billing for the RES Stations at the Crete MSS, shall be carried out by RESGOO.