13 June 2024


In application of paragraph 4 of Article 111 of Law 5106/2024 (GG A 63/01.05.2024), RES and CHP owners of the Interconnected Grid entitled to electricity compensation and with installed power over 400 kW are obliged to proceed with installing remote monitoring and remote control equipment, as per the specifications described below and within six (6) months from this announcement/notification, i.e. until 13/12/2024 or when the announcement is published.

For stations with installed power over 1000 kW, Article 118, paragraph 6 of Law 5106/2024 specifies that the deadline for installing the remote monitoring and control equipment is 31.10.2024. Following the installation of the remote system within the specified deadline, interested parties must submit a Solemn Declaration via the online platform for RES and CHP applications. Otherwise, the Operator will proceed with deactivating the connection to the Grid until compliance with the requirement.  For stations which are not yet active and whose connection to the Grid opens after the above deadline, the installation of the above equipment is a requirement for their activation.

As part of the implementation of the above, and the required communication between the Operator and interested parties, owners are asked to update their contact details via the online platform for RES and CHP applications, using their taxisnet login details.

If the owner has changed without prior notification to the Operator, a change-of-owner request must be first submitted to the online RES and CHP platform by including all required documentation. Owners can then proceed with uploading the above Solemn Declaration. 

For any questions, please fill in the contact form: http://deddie.gr/el/epikoinonia/epikoinwniste-mazi-mas/ or send an email at marketoperations@deddie.gr

Equipment for receiving and applying remote monitoring/control commands for RES & CHP Stations

Technical specifications for RES & CHP telecommunications equipment