In order to implement the provisions outlined in Ministerial Decision ΥΠΕΝ/ΔΑΠΕΕΚ/15084/382 (GG Β΄759/05.03.2019) and following announcement dated 31.5.2019, HEDNO would like to inform all interested parties that:

  1. Applications for connection to the Interconnected Network (mainland Greece and interconnected islands) of biomass/bioliquid, biogas plants, small hydroelectric and CHP plants and the Non-Interconnected Island (NII) of biomass/bioliquid, biogas plants by self-producers who have entered net metering and virtual net metering, and by Energy Communities who have entered virtual net metering, will open on Tuesday, 09.2019.

For NIIs in particular, small hydroelectric and CHP plants applications will not be accepted until approval of capacity margins for the respective technologies by RAE.

The above mentioned applications, regardless of the level of connection voltage, will be submitted to the Network Users Department (Syngrou Avenue 23, 117 43 Athens) for the Interconnected Network and the Islands Network Operation Department Syngrou Avenue 98 - 100, 117 41 Athens) for the NIIs, by including the application form and all documentation listed on the information sheet which has been uploaded on HEDNO’s website (Applications for exempt RES and CHP plants (excluding PVs).

  1. Net-metering applications by self-producers, for PV and other technologies plants, with use of storage systems concerning the Interconnected Network and the NIIs will also be opening on the same date. These applications will be submitted to local HEDNO units for PV plants, and the Network Users Department or the Islands Network Operation Department for other technologies.

At HEDNO’s website, you will find a Questions-Answers section as well as all necessary application forms, namely the additional form with the technical specifications of the storage system which shall be included together with all other documentation for the plant connection application and the form for the addition of storage systems at existing net-metering facilities.