As part of the application of Article 160 of l. 4759/2020 (GG 245/Α/09.12.2020) and relevant clarification circular with ref. no. ΥΠΕΝ/ΔΑΠΕΕΚ/125699/4613/30.12.2020 , HEDNO would like to inform Energy Communities with RES and CHP stations, that the following: ΥΠΕΝ/ΔΑΠΕΕΚ/7932/235/27.01.2021 2nd clarification circular has been issued granting extension to the initial five (5) working days deadline for sending the required documentation. 

In order to help interested parties sending the above-mentioned documents, and given the tight deadline outlined by the first clarification circular, HEDNO has prepared and issued with its initial announcement five (5) email addresses. The submission of any other document or new applications for receiving connection offers is continuing through postal submissions to the competent services of HEDNO. 

Additionally, we would like to inform all interested bodies that for RES and CHP stations by Energy Communities for whom a letter of failure to connect to the Network has been issued by HEDNO, prior to the publication of the first announcement, and who have submitted an expression of interest letter for keeping their application as pending, shall be subject to Article 160 of l. 4759/2020 and the two (2) above-mentioned clarification circulars, given that these applications are still treated as pending for granting the Final Connection Offer.