29 August 2022

In application of Article 97, paragraph 6 of L. 4951/2022, the Network Operator would like to inform interested parties that, as of 1 September 2022, and especially for the Region of Western Macedonia as of 1 October 2022, new connection applications for PV stations will no longer be accepted for the Interconnected Network.

The following are exempted from the above and new applications continue to be accepted for:

  • self-producer PV stations,
  • self-producer PV stations that have entered net metering,
  • self-producer PV stations that have entered virtual net metering,
  • PV stations under the special program for the development of PV systems,
  • PV stations under 132, L. 4819/2021 (GG 129/Α)
  • RES and CHP stations of other technologies


The Network Operator, within three (3) months from the entry into force of L. 4951/2022, shall publish the available power limits of RES and CHP stations per Network Substation; where there is no significant number of pending applications, the submission of new applications for the connection of PV stations shall be allowed.