Project Title

The Scope of the Project relates to the modernization of the Control Center for Distribution Networks (CCDN) in Attica through the supply and installation of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System - Distribution Management System (SCADA - DMS), Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) at the High Voltage/ Medium Voltage (HV/MV) Substations and the reorganization of its units.


New Systems and Services
  • Servers (Database– SCADA – DMS)
  • SCADA software
  • DMS software
  • 107RTUs
  • 115 Inverters και 645 Converters 

 The benefits expected from the implementation of this Project are related to:

  • the improvement of the reliability of the management system of Attica Network, the quality indices and the detection of the Network weak spots
  • resource gathering and saving, more effective human resources management during faults and better and faster restoration of outages
  • the decrease of the loading of the facilities in increased demand periods and the restriction of power and energy losses in the Network
  • the upgrading of the management possibilities of Networks, studies and training of the relevant staff
  • homegenization of the remote measuring systems
Project Progress

The Project completed by the end of 2019. According to the project completion timeline, the new SCADA-DMS was installed and is in operation, while all the High/Medium Voltage Substations gradually have been connected with it via new RTUs(*) installations in those cases were none compatible equipment existed. Moreover, the digital ΜV network diagrams in the SCADA-DMS have been completed and they serve as well the end users who have been trained on them.  By the end of March 2020 the operation will be held completely under the SCADA-DMS circuit diagrams replacing the old mimic diagrams.

As part of the process of re-organizing and updating the old Network Control Centers, the Network Control Centers of N. Ionia and Pallini have been already transferred to the central building of the Network Development and Operation Department (TALD).

(*) RTUs: Remote Terminal Units