Project Title

Pilot Development of Operation and Management Infrastructures in selected Electricity Systems of Non-Interconnected Islands aiming at maximizing energy penetration from Renewable Energy Sources (RES) units and achieving the maximum possible decrease in the operation cost of the Electricity System, securing at the same time sufficiency in covering the demand in a reliable, safe and economical way.


The expected benefits of said Pilot Project are:

  • securing the sufficiency and quality of provided electricity and improvement of energy efficiency by integrating guaranteed power and auxiliary services from dispatchable (fully controlled) Hybrid Station combining RES Units (Wind Farms & Photovoltaics) with Storage Units
  • usage of new productive potential by maximizing RES penetration in the energy mix of the NII Electricity System
  • environmental benefit (decrease in fuel consumption, air pollutant emissions, noise level, waste etc)
  • decrease in the dependence on imported mineral resources
  • minimization of the full and variable thermal generation cost
  • promotion of new technologies in the operation and management of isolated island systems and small networks
  • development of know-how and acquisition of experience


Project Progress

Said Project is completed, as the following has been achieved:

  • The action framework for the pilot development of “Smart Islands” on the NII.
  • The Action Plan and its submission to the Regulatory Authority for Energy (ΡΑΕ/RAE).
  • Law 4495/2017 legally regulating the Project promotion.
  • The 1st Proposal (on the basis of Law 4495/2017) for the promotion of “Smart Islands, which was submitted to RAE and the Ministry of Environment and Energy. RAE has not issued its opinion yet.
  • The submission of HEDNO's proposal to RAE and the Ministry of Environment and Energy (on the basis of Law 4495/2017) as regards the Standard Agreements of Connection and Operational Reinforcement of the Establishment of Fixed Value (Sale Agreement) of the “Smart Islands” Special Pilot Projects in NII.