Project Title

The scope of the Project concerns setting-up Call Centers providing new communication channels for easy and fast customer service. The first one shall be the Pilot Center in Athens followed by its expansion all over the country.


New Systems and Services
  • Study for the establishment of Call Centers
  • Support equipment
  • Staffing and operation services

The benefits expected from the implementation of this Project are related to:

  • the more qualitative and faster service for the customers for all their requests with the minimum possible hassle and presence at the Company's service points
  • the provision of upgraded communication services and channels
  • the decrease of the operational service cost
  • the preparation of the central infrastructure to receive announcements of electricity outages along with other systems of fault management
  • the better and faster updating of the customers about all electricity outages in the Network and the duration of their restoration
Project Progress

The Remote Service Call Center is in operation for the announcement of outages by the customers as of December 2018. The full remote customer service operation will be enhanced by the full implementation of the New Information System that is going to be completed in the next years.