Project Title

The scope of the project concerns the development of an integrated Information Management System (IMS) for the management of operational (Operational Technology - OT) and Information (Information Technology - IT) systems of HEDNO (GIS, new customer service information system, SCADA-DMS, etc). Key objectives of the Information Management System are:

  • a Unified Data Model for all ΟΤ/ΙΤ systems
  • common data input point for all OT/
    IT systems
  • data validation
  • matters related to data cyber security
  • adoption of relevant industrial standards to integrate the systems by adopting CI standard, ICCP.
New Systems and Services
  • Servers
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • Data Bases

The benefits expected from the implementation of this Project are related to:

  • the decrease in technological risks thanks to the development of complete operational and information systems
  • the conclusion of operational and information systems and the adoption of common standards that will contribute towards reducing the duration of digital transformation
  • the possibility of optimizing corporal procedures and taking decisions via improved information management
  • the decrease in the maintenance and operation cost of the operational systems by adopting common practices and integration with the information systems
  • the decrease in the maintenance and operation cost of the information systems
  • the activation of the possibilities for the management of assets, improvement of forecast and maintenance of operational systems
  • the possibility of future application of Big Data Analytics in operational data
Project Progress

The Project is expected to be finished by the 3rd quarter of 2021. As of December 2019, 28% of the Project was completed. More specifically, the High Level Blueprints have been concluded and the preparation of the documents for the tender to select a contractor for the supply and installation of the information management system is in progress (IMS). Moreover, a market research and data analysis is underway for the integration of best practices and lessons learned from similar projects abroad.