Project Title

The Scope of the Project relates to the development and implementation of the necessary Infrastructures on the Non-Interconnected Islands (NII) to fully apply the provisions of the NII Code. The Project includes the following Sub-Projects:

  1. Measurement Infrastructures
  2. Methodology Infrastructures
  3. NII Information System
  4. Energy Control Centers (ECC) in Athens, Crete and Rhodes
  5. Energy Control Centers (ECC) in the rest of the INN Electricity Systems.


New Systems and Services
  • Electronic Energy Meters
  • Communication units for remote measurement of the meters
  • Measurement transformers
  • Energy Management Systems/Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (EMS/SCADA)
  • Market Management System (servers and software)
  • Software (evaluation and management of Renewable Energy Sources generation (RES)
  • Data warehouse
  • Central servers in Athens and locally on each one of the 27 NIIs
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Optic fiber network

The implementation of this project aims at objectively determine the production cost of the NIIs, the most economical operation of the conventional power plants at the NIIs with the purpose of minimizing the relevant extra costs for the consumers by Utility Services and the maximization of the RES penetration in the energy balance of each island with simultaneous assurance of the reliability and unhindered electricity supply to the customers of NII Electricity Systems.

Project Progress

The Project is expected to be finished in the 2nd quarter of 2022. As of December 2019, 35% of the total Project has been completed which contains five (5) sub-projects.

In the first sub-project, named Development of Energy Control Centers (ECCs), the evaluation of the offers concerning the procurement process for the supply and installation of a Central Energy Control Center in Athens and a Local Energy Control Center in Rhodes is in progress. 

In the second sub-project, named development of SCADA for the NIIs, the validation of results of the tender for the development of SCADA infrastructures in 27 Electric Systems of the NII was completed and the relevant Contract was signed and entered in force. Specifically, a) the SCADA was already installed, b) SCADA’s remote communication system with the Electrical System of the Lemnos Island already installed and c) SCADA’s remote communication system with the Electrical System of the Lesvos Island is in progress.

In the third sub-project, the implementation of Daily Energy Planning in fourteen (14) Electrical Systems of the NIIs was put in pilot operation, implementing the transitional stage of the NII Code (with no Energy Control Centers or NII Information System).

The sub-project of the new Information System for the NII (IT-NII) is in progress, in accordance with the requirements of the NII Code.

Finally, in the fifth sub-project the installation of energy meters in the conventional Thermal Generation Units of the NII is in progress.