Project Title

The scope of the Project relates to the re-planning of the procedures, the redefinition of the competences and criteria and the supply of new modern software tools for the evaluation and best plan the investment Works (reinforcement, renovations etc) for the Distribution Network.


New Systems and Services
  • Software for Network Development Studies
  • Equipment to measure the operation characteristics of the electricity Network with the possibility of remote measurement

The benefits expected from the implementation of this Project are related to:

  • the selection of the necessary and most beneficial investment works to achieve the best utilization and saving of the available resources
  • the better planning and consistent implementation of the works with obvious economic and operational benefits
  • the better planning of necessary supplies of materials
  • the integrated documentation of the promoted works to fully meet the relevant requirements of the stakeholders (RAE, PPC, Banks etc)
  • the drawing of a more general plan for the Distribution System at all levels and the best guidance of the services on the applied development strategies of the Network
  • the easier and more cohesive evaluation and promotion of the projects by the services based on unified procedures and criteria as well as using modern study and evaluation tools
  • the improvement of the quality and accuracy of the necessary elements in the framework of evaluating and planning the works
  • the orderly handling of the new data in the Networks and electricity market due to the radical technological progress and the greater development of dispersed generation        
Project Progress

The Project is expected to be finished in the 3rd quarter of 2020. As of December 2019, 35% has been completed. More specifically, the study for the selection of the evaluation criteria of the Special Network Projects (SNP) and the procurement process for the supply of software for the development and assessment of Network investment projects are underway.