HEDNO’s Chairman & CEO Mr. N. Chatziargyriou made reference on the Investment opportunities that are created in Greece but also in other countries of South Eastern Europe within the framework of electricity network modernization and their transition to the era of “Smart Systems”, during the Athens Energy Forum.

According to Mr. Chatziargyriou, total investments in European electricity networks will reach 600 billion euros until 2020. The 2/3 of those investments, 400 billion euros approximately, will be invested in the electricity distribution networks.

Additionally, he pointed out, that according to an announcement of the European Commission’s Joint Research Center, in 2014, the Electricity Distribution System Operators (DSOs) in Europe have invested 700 million euros within the last decade in research for state-of-the-art technology in “smart grids”.

In Greece, within the framework of the updated business plan that will be announced shortly, HEDNO proceeds with the implementation of series of strategic projects that aim at the modernization of the Network and its evolution in to a “Smart System”.

With total investments that reach 1.25 billion euros within the five-year period, HEDNO will implement strategic projects that include among others the Electronic representation of the Distribution Network (GIS), the modernization of the Distribution Network Control Centers, consumers’ Telemetering Systems in High and Medium Voltage and the pilot project for the installation of 200,000 “smart meters”.

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