HEDNO offered its invaluable contribution to the successful conclusion of the ERASMUS+KA2 European Project meeting that examined the critical issue of "Electromagnetic pollution caused by power plants, power lines, substations, distribution inside and among cities as well as devices."

In addition to HEDNO, participants in the meeting held at the 1st EPA.L. (Senior High School of Professional education) in Nea Ionia, Prefecture of Magnisia, were representatives from six schools and educational organisations from Romania, Germany, Poland, Spain and Greece, and two cooperating businesses from Romania and Germany.

At the meeting, Mr. A. Dratsas, HEDNO's Director of Network Major Installations Department, presented the operating processes followed in the Distribution Centers as well as examples of electric and magnetic field measurements.

As Mr. Dratsas pointed out, all measurements taken in operating Distribution Centers are by 10x or 1000x times lower than the respective internationally applicable thresholds. What is more, studies show that the measurements taken from the electromagnetic field in the area of a delivered Distribution Center remain unchanged compared to those prior to its construction. Therefore, given that there is no change to the electromagnetic field measurements, a Distribution Center poses no risk to the Public Health.


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