As Operator of the Non-Interconnected Islands (NII), HEDNO has sent on 29/1/2021, notifications including the monthly breakdown of the 6% special contribution to RES producers at NIIs, in accordance with para. 1.(βα) of article 157 of Chapter ΙΓ' of Law 4759/2020 (GG Α’ 245/9.12.2020), by email.

The special contribution is issued once to RES electricity producers who have started operating on a standard or trial basis up until 31/12/2015 and is calculated on a 6% percentage on the sales that have been invoiced in the monthly reports of year 2020.

The deduction and setoff of the special contribution for the months of year 2020 shall be taking place in year 2021 with the payments of the invoices of the respective months by the NII operator to each producer. For the issuance of the credit invoices of the 6% special contribution, the NII operator shall send relevant notifications to the RES Producers, in addition to the notifications for the invoice of each month.