Applying regulations of Ministerial Decision AΠΕΗΛ/Α/Φ1/οικ 24461 (Greek Government Gazette Β΄3583/31.12.2014) regarding the installation of photovoltaic systems with net metering, HEDNO informs the interested parties that the reception of connection requests will begin on 08.05.2015.

In the first stage, HEDNO will accept connection requests only from consumers supplied from the low voltage network for maximum PV system capacity of 100 kWp  in the mainland and the interconnected islands [1], 50 kWp  in Crete and 20 kWp in the rest of the Non-Interconnected Islands.

Requests will be submitted to the competent HEDNO’s local units (Regions) by filling in the relevant  Application Form  along with the required documents and elements.

HEDNO, with newest announcement, will define the starting date and the areas for the reception of connection requests from consumers supplied from the low voltage network after solving complex technical issues relative to these connections.

Within the next days, HEDNO will announce in its site the relevant informative material (Informative Report, Frequent Questions-Answers, Sample of Connection Contract, Samples of affidavits etc.).



[1] Specifically, in Peloponnese and part of Evoia south of Aliveri, as well as in the islands of Andros and Tinos, for now,requests will be accepted with maximum capacity of 20 kWp.