Subject: Tender no 507204/5.10.2012 for purchasing Modular Remote Controlled Panels.
Ratification of results of the above tender and award of the purchasing in question.

The Board of Directors approved the ratification of the tender 507204/5.10.2012 and the award for purchasing of Modular Remote Controlled Panels to «EFACEC ENERGIA SA» for total price of 3,808,327.00 €, with delivery free of the material in the Regional Warehouses of HEDNO S.A. [Aspropyrgos Warehouse of the Attica Region Department (4410) and Warehouse of the Islands Region Department (2053)] on the suppliers vehicle.


Subject: Request for Price Offer no 501301/5.2.2013 for purchasing untreated wooden poles.
- Cancellation of purchasing of item quantities from the above mentioned Request for Price Offer.
- Ratification of the results referring to the above Request for Price Offer and award of the purchasing for the rest of its items quantities.

The Board of Directors approved the REQUEST FOR PRICE OFFER no 501301/05.02.2013, conducted without former call for tender, the ratification of results and the award of purchasing for 1,310 pieces of untreated wooden poles of different categories to the tenderers C’ A.D.S. LAGADAS “TO KRYONERI”, AFOI ST. GOTTI & SIA Unlimited General Partnership, DIM. PAPADIMITRIOU and I.NTOUKAS – ATH. TRAIKAPIS Unlimited General Partnership, for total price of 231,891.00 Euros (plus VAT) and the cancellation for purchasing of 1,490 pieces, due to insufficiency of the offered quantities.


Subject: Terms and conditions for the election of the personnel representative in the Board of Directors of the Company.

The Board of Directors defined the terms and conditions for conducting the election of HEDNO personnel representative and his deputy in the Board of Directors of the company by direct universal suffrage.