HEDNO would like to inform you that, following the cooperation and approval by the Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE), a procedure has been established according to which a sum of money is granted to Consumers that have suffered damage to their electrical appliances, due to an accidental interruption of the neutral conductor of the overhead or underground Low Voltage network.

The payment of the sum of money, which amounts to a maximum of € 600 regardless of the account type (in application of the RAE Decision 1151Α/2019, dated 03/05/2020), shall take place provided the following conditions are met at the same time:

  • The Consumer informs HEDNO as soon as possible regarding the specific incident (damage to electric appliances), by submitting a relevant compensation claim , within the same day, if possible, or within the next twenty (20) working days following the incident.
  • HEDNO does not have data, information, or findings based on which it can be justified that there was an interruption of the neutral conductor of the Low Voltage Distribution network (resulting in a significant network voltage increase from the nominal values) due to force majeure reasons.
  • HEDNO investigates the causes of the fault/failure of the material, especially in relation to the responsibilities and obligations of the Network Operator, but also due to a potential defect of the material, and proves or even speculates in a reasonable manner and in writing the classification as "accidental” of the interruption of the neutral conductor. In any case, HEDNO must provide all relevant information to the Consumer.
  • The Consumer makes available to HEDNO for 2 days, upon request, the damaged appliances or equipment, for inspection before repair.
  • The Consumer makes available to HEDNO, upon request, invoices from an electrical workshop, which:
    • Describe the type of every damage and, to the extent possible, how it relates to a potential overvoltage, due to an interruption of the neutral conductor of the Low Voltage Distribution network, based on technical findings and data, and
    • Justify the cost for repairing the damage or replacing the appliances or equipment, with others of similar specifications, if their repair is deemed economically disadvantageous.
  • The Consumer signs a solemn declaration where they explicitly and unreservedly declare that the damage to their appliances or equipment is due to an accidental fault or failure of a network material; they consider that the amount received from HEDNO for the above reason is absolutely reasonable and fully consistent with the damage suffered; this amount is paid by HEDNO to them in full and complete compensation of said damage and they are fully satisfied by it.

HEDNO shall make a decision on Consumer claims within fifteen (15) working days from their submission, plus the time of any delay on the part of the Consumer for the submission of the requested information. HEDNO shall pay the amount, if the claim is accepted, within a month from the decision on the claim.

HEDNO shall not pay, pursuant to this process, any other amount of money for potential losses of the Consumer or their employees or third parties related to the operation of their facility, arising from lost revenue or profits, loss of prestige, loss of production, application of penalties to third parties and any indirect or incidental damage.

HEDNO is committed to making every effort to improve the quality of the voltage supply offered, in order to minimize the problems faced by Consumers.

Practical steps to claim compensation for damage to Consumers’ electrical appliances due to HEDNO’s fault