What can you do in a power cut*?

  •   Check the fuses and the power indication lamp of the switchboard 
  1. If the lamp is "on", it means that the electricity reaches the switchboard and the problem is in the inner electrical installation and you should call an electrician. 
  2. If the lamp is “off”, it means that the electricity doesn't reach the switchboard and you should check whether the neighboring buildings have electricity.  
  •    Check whether the surrounding buildings have electricity

If they are not provided with electricity, then there is power interruption which will be restored under HEDNO responsibility. For more information, please contact the fault center of your region.

If the neighboring property has electricity while your property doesn't, then you should check on whether the fuse or the micro switch that protects the HEDNO meter is down.

If your meter doesn't include micro switch, please contact the Customer service and power cut information center.

  • Check the fuse or the micro switch of your meter

If your meter has a blown fuse, then you should contact the fault center of your region.

If your meter contains a micro switch, please try to disengage the lever located in the meter box. If there is a window in the box, simply raise the lever of the micro switch.

  • Check whether you have paid your bill

If you haven’t paid your bill, then after the expiration date, your Supplier notifies you for the intended power interruption. The interruption is realized without any other notice.

With the payment of the amount due at one of the Supplier offices, reconnection is made within the same day.

* It should be noted that in case you call the Customer service and power cut information center and a technician visits your property for the fault restoration, then you will be charged for the visit cost if the fault is caused by an internal installation problem (22.01€ plus VAT for L.V. consumers or 36.68€ plus VAT for M.V. consumers). 

If you believe that your meter doesn’t function properly, what can you do?

If you think that your meter doesn‘t register the correct readings (very small possibility), you should submit an application form for meter check to the competent HEDNO office (the competent office is mentioned on the top left corner of the first page of your bill).  If the inspection shows that the meter is not functioning properly, your bill will be corrected and the meter will be replaced without charge. However, it should be noted that if the meter is functioning properly, you will be charged with the inspection cost which is up to:

·         29.35€ for one phase supply

·         38.15€ for three phase supply

·         61.63€ for three phase through intensity transformer or M.V. supply

VAT will be added to the above mentioned amounts.

However, in any case, you should conduct your own check, by turning off the main power switch of the switchboard (inner installation) so as to check whether the disc of the supply is turning (energy registration). If it turns, it means that there is electricity leakage in the inner installation and you should call immediately an electrician installer to check the inner installation. 

If there has been a damage on an electrical appliance due to power fault (e.g. voltage fluctuation), what can you do?

For the damages to your electrical appliances, you should address to the competent Customer Service Office pertaining your property by submitting the relevant application form. After examining your case, you will be accordingly informed.  

In general, we would like to inform you that, according to regulations (ELOT - European Standard ΕΝ 50160/2000), voltage disturbances, such as occasional voltage sang or voltage interruptions, over voltages etc, are inevitable since they are due to natural phenomena (e.g. lightning, falling trees), to unexpected faults, to third parties interventions and to other unpredictable external causes. For the above mentioned reasons:

1. HEDNO S.A., following the international policy, undertakes all possible measures to minimize the consequences from possible voltage fluctuations (network inspections, lightning arresters installation, tree pruning, etc).

2. Manufacturers of electrological and particularly of electronics equipment are obliged to be in accordance with the European directives on Electromagnetic Compatibility regarding the design and testing of their products.  

3. Customers can establish the necessary protective devices (supervisors, voltage stabilizers, continuous power supply systems, etc) in their electrical installation, so as to prevent damages or malfunction in the operation of their appliances, if these appliances do not include such devices.

Pricelist of charges for executing works in power supplies

Useful information on the protection of sensitive electrical appliances (pdf)