By using this application, consumers can visit HEDNO's website using their computers or a mobile device (smartphone, tablet) and announce incidents related to problems in their electricity supply (power outage, abnormal voltage in electricity supply etc).

The user of the application must enter the Account Number (included in a distinct part of the electricity bill of the Suppliers) and some personal data (name, number of mobile phone) and other related information (whether the user is a contracted user of the power supply or a user of the power supply in general etc). These data are managed by HEDNO using confidentiality terms and always according to the GDPR regulation.

The announcement is dispatched to the competent technical service of HEDNO to undertake further action.

There is no charge for the use of this application for the user, as is the case with the call to 11500 of HEDNO for which there is a charge depending on the tariffs of the telecommunication provider. In this case the application is free-of-charge.

Online Fault Report