The Non-Interconnected Islands (NII) Operator is focusing on laying out an effective energy plan for the development of the infrastructure needed to reduce operational costs and increase Renewable Energy Sources (RES) penetration by also ensuring sufficiency and safety for the Electricity Systems.

As a Non-Interconnected Islands (NII) Operator (and in compliance with the institutional framework currently in force), HEDNO is responsible for the operation, management and safety of the NII electricity systems whilst also acting as a market operator. NII management is particularly complex and challenging due to the peculiarity and distinctive features of our country’s NIIs (geographical, population, demographics, etc.) as well as the difficulties experienced in achieving the goals mentioned above.

HEDNO's operational planning involves very specific strategic projects for the NIIs which are key to the modernization and upgrading of the autonomous Electricity Systems (ES).

Special mention is given to the development of Special Pilot Projects (SPPs - Smart Islands) pertaining to the implementation of Hybrid Stations (with at least one RES and a sufficient storage system) as well as sufficient infrastructure for the operation and management of both Hybrid Stations and all Electricity Systems that will receive SPPs. The SPPs are aiming to control the operational costs of the Electricity Systems by reducing fuel consumption in thermal power plants whilst ensuring high RES penetration (over 60%) as well as sufficiency and safety in the operation of Electricity Systems.

The results coming from these innovative projects are expected to be used as operational and management models for all other Electricity Systems and NIIs based on RES power generation and the use of storage units.

Furthermore, the Greek “Smart Islands” operational and management model can be used as an example for the operation of large interconnected systems with very high RES penetration, based on the climate objectives set out by the EU and the "Clean Energy for All European Islands" initiative.

HEDNO’s actions will effectuate rapid reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, multiple benefits for the environment thanks to higher RES penetration, as well as serious opportunities to create new jobs for the local communities.