Pursuant to Law 4001/2011, the basic mission of HEDNO is the operation, maintenance and development of the Electricity Distribution Network and the management of the electrical systems of the non-interconnected islands under favourable economic conditions.

HEDNO seeks to perform the above operations by up-to-date and efficient means, relying more and more on "smart" networks, extensive automation, remote metering data on consumption and remote customer support services, while adapting to all new developments in the industry of electricity.

In general, by upgrading our facilities and working methods, we also seek to fulfil the Company’s main objectives, namely:

  • to improve the quality of its energy and services,
  • to reduce costs gradually,
  • to actively contribute to the efficient operation of the Electricity Market,
  • to protect the environment.

HEDNO is in the process of upgrading the entire network by procuring and installing new remotely controlled equipment, which consists of: