Installation of remote control in ¼ of MV/LV Substations of the underground Network

Installation a Fault Indication Device with remote reading capability at each part of the underground Network

Study to determine the permanent interconnection limits of MV Lines, having as a criterion the minimization of energy losses

Supervision of the Network using the SCADA (drawing of the underground Network in the SCADA)

Expected results

Detection of the fault site in < 2 min

Resupplying 80% of the customers in < 5 min

Resupplying all customers in < 15 min

Improvement in energy losses by 35%

Decrease in the number of faults, over 5-7 years, to 30%

Improvement of the usage possibilities of the Network


Receiving the coordinates of all customers in the Prefecture of Xanthi

Connection of all ECs in the LV Network Example of scheduled maintenance - Detection of network


Setting up a mobile app to receive the geospatial coordinates of Energy Consumers