A major element of the company's strategic planning for its development is its transformation through the modernization of its structures, systems and processes. The main objective is to respond continuously and effectively to the challenges of an ever-changing electricity market both in our country and at European level, taking advantage of technology and innovation while investing in knowledge based on sustainability and social development.

HEDNO SA is required to fulfill the role and mission assigned to it by the existing institutional framework for the exercise of the regulated business activity of Electricity Distribution in a modern, complex, and constantly evolving environment. This environment consists of a significant number of participants in the value chain and the electricity market, where Network Users, Electricity Providers, Network Managers, Market Operator, etc. are traditionally involved and where new entities are emerging by developing new business models and standards. In the light of these changes, our Company is required to ensure on a timely basis the transparent and impartial access of the Users to the Network, aiming at the continuous improvement of the Quality of our Services.

Main Business Planning Objectives

  • Improving energy quality
  • Upgrading service quality through alternative service networks, limiting the need for transition and physical presence at customer service points
  • Improving and extending our "Guaranteed Services" program, which reflects our commitment to delivering our core services within specific time limits
  • Focusing on the quality and performance of corporate operations
  • Continuously adapting to the needs of Customers and all Stakeholders through systematic research
  • Protecting the environment and minimizing any extra charges that may be levied by networks
  • Improving the Company’s economic fundamentals further, although our Company is among the most economical ones in the European Union
  • Developing network capacity, optimizing infrastructure exploitation and reliability, and improving energy efficiency
  • Complying with the ever-changing environment
  • Actively contributing to the efficient operation of the Electricity Market
  • Focusing on innovative development and smart grids

In order to achieve these objectives, operational planning for the next five years has provided for significant investments in the implementation of key modernization, technological upgrading and operational transformation projects. These projects are expected to dramatically improve the level of services provided and upgrade the Company's operation and role in the electricity market by reinforcing its role and highlighting the benefits to all Network users and the community at large. 

Strategic Projects

The Company has created a portfolio of special projects called Strategic Projects which are strategically important since they cover a wide range of important modernization undertakings such as smart grids, consumer telemetry, remote customer service and automation in many internal operations, always keeping an eye on all the new trends in the field of electricity. These strategic projects are a key pillar of the Company's Business Plan.

In order for the Company to achieve the intended benefits for its Customers and the entire Electricity Market, it will focus mainly on the Company’s appropriate and targeted modernization, including among other things the following:

  • Remote management of the country's main electricity grids and decisive promotion of smart grids
  • Remote supervision of the production of non-interconnected islands (where we have the responsibility of managing the Market)
  • Decisive promotion of consumer telemetry
  • Geographical mapping of networks, which will be the digital basis for network & service operations
  • Creation of modern customer service channels (telephone & Internet) and their management centers
  • Installation of modern information systems and further exploitation of the Company’s new ERP