Our mission is the development and operation of the Electricity Distribution Network and the electricity systems of the non-interconnected islands as well as the assurance of equal access to them by all consumers, producers and suppliers with transparency and objectivity.



Service quality
We pursue to upgrade our services provided to customers by achieving rapid response to their requests (power connections, changes), improving the level of service provision in the Offices and in telephone services as well as the management of requests, complaints etc..

Energy quality
Our goal is the improvement of the provided energy quality through modernization and upgrade of reliability of the distribution installations, as well as the improvement of  our efficiency, so as to achieve decrease of power interruption durations (scheduled or not), reduction of the number of outages, increase power recovery times,  improvement of the level of voltage quality etc.  

Reduction of Operating Cost
Our goal is the implementation of our projects along with the minimum possible operating cost which will be achieved not only with the enhancement, modernization and automation of the Network but also particularly by examining each factor of the operating cost.

Adjustment to the requirements of the new environment
We make sure to maintain a reliable and safe Network in which all users have equal access, in harmonization between the regulatory framework and the society.