Subject: Contract no 5101012/3.8.2012 with ΑΒΒ S.A. for purchasing three-phase distribution transformers and their Spare parts.
Modification on the delivery time period of the materials and on the term for the provision of Technical Support of the above mentioned Contract.

The Board of Directors approved:

- The delivery of materials to be implemented in seven (7) partial deliveries.

- The transposition of the delivery time period for the materials of the first (1st) partial delivery referring to the Contract 5101012/03.08.2012 from 1/2014 to 2/2014. The following six (6) partial deliveries will be implemented within two (2) months from the expiration of the deadline of the previous partial delivery.

- The delivery of the spare parts will be implemented along with the second (2nd) partial delivery of the materials

- the amendment of paragraph 14 (TECHNICAL SUPPORT) of the Contract 5101012/03.08.2012 in which it will be included that within September 2014, the Vendor will establish installations in Greece and will provide personnel for the restoration of faults within and out of the guarantee period. The rest of the terms of the paragraph remain the same.


Subject: Lease of building installations for the needs of the IT and Telecom Unit.

The Board of Directors approved the lease of the building at 2, Aftokratoros Nikolaou str. in the conjunction with Syggrou Ave., with total surface of 4,752.01 sq. m for monthly rent of 17,000 euros, plus VAT 23%.


Subject: Contract no. 5010122/18.7.2013 with PROTIM SOLIGNUM LTD Τ/Α OSMOSE for purchasing preservative for installed wooden poles.
Increase of the item quantity for the above mentioned Contract.

The Board of Directors approved the increase of the material quantity referring to the Contract 5010122/18.07.2013 by 3,780 containers of 25 kilos with PROTIM SOLIGNUM LTD T/A OSMOSE, for purchasing preservative for the installed wooden poles.
The total value of the increase will reach 293,176.80 Euros.