Subject: Amendment of the issues of the Call for tender no ΔΔ-207 referring to the implementation of the Project: “Pilot Telemetering and Management System for the Electric Power Supply Demand by Residential and Small Commercial Consumers and Implementation of Smart Grids”.

The Board of Directors, taking into account the appeals submitted during the Call for Tender ΔΔ-207 as well as the questions posed, decided the amendment of the issues of this Call for Tender with the issuance of its Supplement (No 1) and, therefore, the extension of the deadline for the submission of offers, according to the regulations foreseen by the European Legislation.


Subject: Tender no 503307/11.9.2013 for purchasing three phase max-indicating electronic meters LV network scope.
Ratification of the results for the above mentioned tender and award of the purchasing.

The Board of Directors approved the ratification of the results and the award of purchasing of 40,000 pcs of three phase max-indicating electronic meters of multiple zone tariffs for direct connection to the L.V. network scope to the typically and technically verified AITHIR ANANEOSIMES ENA General Partnership, for a fixed total price of € 2,670,000.00 (plus VAT), for delivery of the material at HEDNO’s warehouse 2207 (70, Ag. Annis str. – Rouf) on its vehicle.


Subject: Contract no ΔΔ-187/2104156/9.12.2010 with “TOXOTIS S.A.” for the implementation of the project: “NETWORKS OF KARDITSA REGION” of the Department of Central Greece Region.
Increase of the price for the above mentioned Contract.

The Board of Directors decided the increase of the contractual price for the Contract ΔΔ-187/2104156/09.12.2010 “Networks of Karditsa Region” by 1,000,000€ (plus the increase of the contractual price that is already increased by 800,000.00€), within the framework of the foreseen option up to 50% in Article 36 paragraph 1 of the General Terms of the Contract, equivalent to the percentage of 15.16% of the contractual price, that is, total increase of 1,800,000€ which is equivalent to the total percentage of 27.3% with the same terms and the same discount percentage of 32% of the Contract and simultaneous coverage of the relevant good performance letters of guarantee.