Subject: Determination of projects with strategic significance for the Corporation.

HEDNO’s Administration gives specific importance to the Corporation’s modernization and the adjustment to the new power environment as it is formed internationally within the rapid development in smart grids, remote provision of services and dealing with climate change.

In order to achieve the necessary focus and optimization of modernization actions, the Board of Directors decided that the following projects are considered with strategic importance and will be integrated with priority in HEDNO’s business planning:

1. Modernization of the Attica Control Center networks
2. Creation of the Islands Networks Control Center
3. Modernization of the network inspection in the rest of the Country
4. Upgrade of the remote control regional equipment in the networks
5. Installation of the Geographic Information System
6. New IT Systems for Customers’ Service Provision
7. Installation of Customers’ remote provision of services
8. Installation of Networks Development Planning
9. Development of infrastructure in the non-Interconnected Islands for the application of the non-Interconnected Islands Code
10. Development of “Smart Islands”, Pilot project and promotion for its extension
11. Telemetering of LV customers, Pilot project and promotion for its extension
12. Reorganization of the supply chain


Subject: Tender no 501402/17.6.2014 for purchasing centrifugal concrete poles.
Hearing of the prejudicial appeal of PRECONSTRUCTA ΑΕΒΤΕ against the Board of Directors decision no 278/1.10.2015.

The Board of Directors approved the rejection of the Prejudicial Appeal of PRECONSTRUCTA ΑΕΒΤΕ as unacceptable.