Subject: Assignment of supervision and control of activity sections.
Formation in body of the Board of Directors.
Representation of HEDNO S.A. – Assignment of competences.

The Board of Directors decided to assign to Mr. Iraklis Menegatos of Panagi the supervision and control of the Network Department, Materials Procurement & Transportation Department, Financial Department, Network Management Department and IT & Telecom Unit. He will substitute the CEO in the above mentioned sectors of activity.
Also, the Board of Directors formed in body and its composition is the following:

1. Athanasios Safakas of Nikolaos, Chairman of the Board of Directors, executive member.

2. Georgios Kollias of Athanasios , CEO, executive member.

3. Iraklis Menegatos of Panagis, deputy CEO, executive member.

4. Ioannis Tsolas of Evaggelos, non-executive member.

5. Georgios Liakopoulos of Ioannis, non-executive member.

6. Kyriakos Kapsalis of Georgios, non-executive member.


Subject: Power Purchase Contracts with Producers that install RES & High Performance CHP plants in the Non-Interconnected Islands irrespective of the installed capacity.
Approval and signature of the above mentioned Contracts.

The Board of Directors decided:

- The provision of authorization to the CEO so as to approve from now no all Power Purchase Contracts with Producers that install RES & High Performance CHP plants in the non-Interconnected islands irrespective of the installed capacity and technology according to the legislation in force.

- the provision of authorization to the Director of Islands Network Operation Department to sign on behalf of HEDNO the Power Purchase Contracts approved by the CEO as competent for the management of electricity systems in the non-Interconnected islands.